ERP System necessary for Trading and Wholesale

Is an ERP System necessary for Trading and Wholesale

Distributors and wholesalers play a vital role in product distribution. Distribution businesses have seen many opportunities and complexities as technology advances. Today’s consumers are more tech-savvy. Consumers have access to mobile devices that enable them to order a wide range of products, including groceries, home decor, and luxury items, and then receive their goods the next day.

Online businesses and the wholesale/distribution industry go hand-in-hand. Online retailers are always looking for B2B eCommerce portals to meet their business needs.

Vendors must be able to update their information in real-time to ensure that the goods are delivered on time and to the correct address. If someone orders 100 items from you, your sales team must have access to the most current pricing and product availability information. Every aspect of the process should be tracked, from warehouse transfers to outbound and inbound transfers.

Let’s look at how software can help you manage key operations in the wholesale or distribution sector.

The wholesale, retail, and distribution industry has undergone a radical transformation. 92% of wholesalers or distributors use ERP software. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, is a business management tool that includes a wide range of features to simplify production, quality control, and other back-office operations.

Distributors and wholesalers can keep inventory low while minimizing stock-outs. They can also track thousands of orders, save time and minimize overhead costs, and increase customer satisfaction.


Wholesale and distribution companies need to have a view of the whole organization in real-time. This is essential for staying competitive. Real-time visibility leads to increased business productivity and better delivery times. You can keep track of everything on the shop floor and know what parts are available to fulfill orders.

Improved inventory management

The backbone of the distribution and wholesale industries is inventory. The stock should be available when customers need it. However, inventory shouldn’t just sit in your warehouse. ERP software allows you to access automated inventory management tools, which facilitate paperless transactions as well as traceability of shipped or procured goods at different warehouses.

Supply chain strategies and demand

Demand and supply chain strategies must be designed to meet the changing needs of consumers and emerging technologies.


The ability to plan your demand can make it easier to store goods in the warehouse. Wholesalers and distributors must keep up with customer orders so that customers don’t stop buying from them due to poor experiences.

Operation Improvement

Wholesalers and distributors can see pick, pack, dispatch, procurement, clean up, put away, and shipping. ERP software allows users to work intelligently and accurately by using an intuitive and simple-to-use ERP solution. ERP software provides many features for distributors and manufacturers, including the ability to enter sales orders and to print and publish order confirmations.

Lower operating costs

ERP software allows wholesalers to reduce operating costs by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. ERP software allows wholesalers more accurate forecasting of their income and expenses, which can further reduce costs. You can budget more effectively.

Streamlined Supply Chain Processes

ERP software makes it easier to manage your supply chain, from ordering goods from suppliers to shipping them out to customers. Track your suppliers and place orders, track the items that arrive, determine their locations, manage your inventory, then ship them to customers. Your ERP system can organize everything.

Optimized inventory management

Optimized inventory management is one of the greatest benefits of ERP software for wholesalers. You can track stock levels and maintain a steady inventory with the automated system. You can also forecast how many items will be needed in the next period. This helps to avoid product shortages or overstocking. Your entire inventory will therefore be manageable.

Simplified sales processes

ERP software allows your sales team to concentrate on qualified leads more easily. A sales pipeline allows for easy management of all leads and monitoring of sales status. Managers can easily see which salespeople have converted prospects and which have not. You can also view how many meetings they have completed and which opportunities they have won.

Visibility increases

Imagine being able to monitor the entire wholesale business process through one app. An ERP system is the answer. A web-based ERP system can manage finances, inventory, sales, employees, and other functions. You can manage your entire ERP system from your smartphone. Comprehensive visibility will ultimately allow you to make better business decisions.

Real-time information


An ERP system can provide real-time insight and visibility that will allow you to gain complete visibility. This means that you can immediately take action in response to any information you receive. An ERP system can help you pinpoint the reason for sales drops and make adjustments immediately.

Improved customer satisfaction

ERP systems can help you increase customer satisfaction by allowing you to fulfill orders on time. ERP systems eliminate delays caused by orders not being tracked or product shortages. ERP software makes it easy to track shipping from the moment they reach your customer’s doorstep. It is also easier to return items.


Implementing ERP software in your business system can bring you many benefits. ERP software can bring many benefits to your wholesale business such as lower operating costs, visibility, and more.

An ERP system allows you to seamlessly capture, manage and generate reports, eliminate redundancy and errors, identify locations, and complete every task with the click of one button.


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