A complete ERP for Hospitality in Dubai can increase the productivity and profitability in your contracting company.

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Sanisoft is rated as the number one selling Hospitality  ERP software in Dubai and UAE. Because of its affordable price and usability, Hospitality related all features under one roof.

Our ERP Software is Specially Build for the Hospitality Industry in Dubai, UAE


A centralized management system

An ERP consolidates all activities in one place. An ERP gives you a full ariel view of your entire house, even if there are multiple locations. Managers can use an ERP to delegate different tasks, such as housekeeping and room service. ERP for hospitality reduces human error and eliminates any chance of miscommunication. ERPs can track and document every step of the process. You can keep track of everything with alerts and updates to ensure that it is all happening.

Front-Desk Efficiency

The ERP solution allows staff to control tasks from one screen. ERP for hospitality increases efficiency in the front-desk system. The ERP software reduces check-in time and check-out times, but it also allows staff to offer discounts, group rates, or bill forwards. Other front-desk services, such as housekeeping, maintenance, and wake-up calls, are also more efficient, including special requests, housekeeping, and wake-up calls.

Inventory Management

Hotels and resorts can use ERP software to manage inventory. Use the ERP software to create a central database that shows buying, selling, and consumption trends. Analyze Inventory information for unusual patterns to determine if there is a reason for concern. Staff can also use the ERP system to track third-party and internal users, suppliers, order management, and complete audit reports.

Easier Reservation Management

These days, booking systems for resorts and hotels are complicated. You can search for listings and make reservations on various websites and devices. Unlike in the past, the master controls were held by the reception desk. Now there are more factors and more room for error. An ERP can also help with reservations, allowing you to merge records and improve your performance. You can view the overall occupancy rate, update a room’s status and predict future occupancy trends more accurately and easily.

Improved Customer Service

The customer experience is a key component of the hospitality industry. The customer experience is what you sell if you own a resort, spa, or hotel. Improving customer services is possible with Hospitality ERP systems.
From start to finish, provide a great customer experience. An ERP allows a business such as a hotel to customize their services, tracking guests’ preferences and allowing them to track their tastes. You can provide a better experience for your guests by getting better insights into their past stays.

Efficiency increases

It’s not easy to run a successful hospitality business. Hospitality involves many small tasks. These include handling customer complaints, cleaning rooms, delivering meals, luggage, and wake-up calls. A hotel management ERP will help you cut through the chaos. This ERP will streamline your hotel’s front desk operations by ensuring that all staff has easy access to their required information.


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Why Choose Shaz Micro ERP for Hospitality  in Dubai

Shaz Hospitality  ERP software was awarded as the best ERP software for Hospitality in Dubai, UAE. Shaz Micro Hospitality ERP software Edition uses powerful cloud and mobile technology. It also offers a flexible licensing model that gives you a full suite of tools to help manage your Hospitality business. Contractors can integrate this ERP system with Project Management, Procurement & Subcontractor Management, and Inventory Management.

 Each member will have access to real-time business information presented on personal dashboards. So this gives you an all-in-one solution for keeping your field operations connected and ensuring greater visibility and efficiency.


Key Benefits of an ERP System for Hospitality

There are many benefits to implementing an ERP in a hospitality property. Here are a few of them: Improved customer service, financial management, operational efficiency, and profits. In this article, I’ll outline five of the most common benefits to implementing an ERP system for hospitalitya. As a small business owner, you may be hesitant to spend money on new technology. But the advantages are worth it.

Improves customer service

An ERP system helps hotels in many ways. It helps hotels manage pricing and menu cards, track room reservations and deliveries, and more. It also helps hotels monitor ongoing processes from a single workstation. With an ERP system, employees can manage menus and room reservations more efficiently and ensure a consistent experience for customers. With an ERP system, staff can manage a variety of tasks, from managing guest preferences to overseeing different departments.

One of the benefits of an ERP system is that it streamlines accounting and management processes. Employees can enter and review information from one place, eliminating duplicate work.

ERP Modules Specially Created for Dubai HOSPITALITY

Project Management

Get some Realtime experience for plan & monitor and control for current projects.  

Work flow Management

Make Effective WorkFlow  management system with fully automate solution.

Centralised Management

ERP for hospitality reduces human error and eliminates any chance of miscommunication.

Finance Management

Manage your Finance and Accounting , payments, cheque, voucher, receipt and cashflows. 


Our advance ERP Hospitality software high secure and backup option included. 


Manage your utilities, equipment’s conditions with  one advance dashboard .


Advance report system view for user’s level. support my size of device. 

Reduced Human Errors

Minimizing the risk of generating Human Errors

Asset Management

Utilize the advance report system for effective on time services.

Tax Management

provide tax audit and tax reporting functions

Documents Approval Hierarchy

Easily manage your Hospitality contract documents and other approval papers.

Document Library

Arrange your document properly to access easily for user level rights. can access from anywhere.

Events management

Our advance ERP Hospitality or the event managers streamline the workflow and maximize the performance of the staff

Risk Management

Risk management tools can predict, analyze and manage crises.

Customers Portal

Advance report system view for user’s level. support my size of device. 

Analytical Accounting

Analyze, interpret, and create reports based on your company’s chart of accounts

FAQ for Hospitality ERP Software

Shaz ERP software is An ERP management system can easily streamline all inquiries and follow-up processes effectively

ERP is a software solution tool developed for Hotel management and designed for hoteliers to manage their operations in an effective way. It helps hotelier to manage hotel billing system, reservation system, online hotel booking system, room status and much more in a single software.

  • Improve the workflow
  • Easy project tracking
  • Improve the ROI
  • Reduce technical cost
  • Enhance project management
  • 360-degree report 
  • Easy planning and cost estimation.

We can find software for Hospitality industries, but the best Hospitality ERP software in Shaz micro cloud-based ERP system. It offers 40+ modules at an affordable price.

Real Estate & construction ERP Software is specifically tailored for real estate companies. It allows companies to manage their projects and helps in marketing and sales operations by providing one platform where you can do all the things your business needs.

ERP stands for “enterprise resource planning”. It is a software that handles a company’s supply chain, project management, commerce, reporting and much more.

Shaz micro transportation ERP software is one of Dubai’s most used ERP systems. Shaz micro ERP offers different modules in it, and these modules will optimize the better transportation & contracting management of the business.

Shaz micro Transportation ERP software is one of Dubai’s most used ERP systems.  

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to a type of software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations.

Allow users to automate time-consuming daily tasks. Instead of losing time each day completing repetitive needs or running reports from multiple systems,

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is used by organizations looking to manage their business functions within a centralized and integrated system


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