A complete ERP for Packing and Logistics in Dubai can increase the productivity and profitability in your contracting company.

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Sanisoft is rated as the number one selling Packing and Logistics  ERP software in Dubai and UAE. Because of its affordable price and usability, Packing and Logistics related all features under one roof.

Our ERP Software Specially Build for the Packing and Logistics  Industry in Dubai, UAE


Delivery planning

Shaz ERP solutions in the Packing and logistics industry allow you to optimize your resources. You can plan your driver’s working hours based on the availability of your fleet. They make sure that your resources are used to their maximum potential.

Distribution Management

Packing and logistics ERP systems allow you to make timely deliveries. They can plan routes based on the cargo’s size and type. To optimize routes, they consider delivery areas and other factors. Efficient distribution and some solutions include live traffic updates.

Inventory Control and Stock Visibility

Shaz micro  ERP system Optimal inventory levels are essential for uninterrupted Packing, logistics, and distribution. The inventory module integrates ERP to allow you full control over your inventory. The dashboard displays information such as orders, stock levels, and deliveries.


ERP for Packing and logistics allows you to access and update information anytime. Many ERP solutions have mobile apps. The apps can be accessed by authorized personnel from anywhere in the world, at any time. They don’t have to limit themselves to one device or location.

Documentation and compliance

Shaz micro ERP Companies involved in Packing and logistics must comply with numerous statutory and regulatory requirements. Can use ERP software to process and file many compliance documents. These documents can include consignment notes and invoices, freight forwarding, and other documentation.


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Why Choose Shaz Micro ERP for Packing and Logistics  in Dubai

Shaz Packing and Logistics  ERP software was awarded as the best ERP software for Packing and Logistics in Dubai, UAE. Shaz Micro Packing and Logistics  ERP software Edition uses powerful cloud and mobile technology. It also offers a flexible licensing model that gives you a full suite of tools to help manage your Packing and Logistics business. Contractors can integrate this ERP system with Project Management, Procurement & Subcontractor Management, and Inventory Management.

 Each member will have access to real-time business information presented on personal dashboards. So this gives you an all-in-one solution for keeping your field operations connected and ensuring greater visibility and efficiency.


ERP Modules Specially Created for Dubai PACKING AND LOGISTICS

Project Management

Get some Realtime experience for plan & monitor and control for current projects.  

Work flow Management

Make Effective WorkFlow  management system with fully automate solution.

Delivery Planning

Packing and logistics industry allow you to optimize your resources.

Finance Management

Manage your Finance and Accounting , payments, cheque, voucher, receipt and cashflows. 


Our advance ERP Packing and Logistics software high secure and backup option included. 


Manage your utilities, equipment’s conditions with  one advance dashboard .


Advance report system view for user’s level. support my size of device. 

Reduced Human Errors

Minimizing the risk of generating Human Errors

Asset Management

Utilize the advance report system for effective on time services.

Tax Management

provide tax audit and tax reporting functions

Documents Approval Hierarchy

Easily manage your Travel and Tour contract documents and other approval papers.

Document Library

Arrange your document properly to access easily for user level rights. can access from anywhere.

Events management

Our advance ERP Packing and Logistics or the event managers streamline the workflow and maximize the performance of the staff

Distribution Management

Optimize routes, consider delivery areas and other factors.

Customers satisfaction

Advance report system view. Allow customers to monitor the status of their shipments in real-time

Analytical Accounting

Analyze, interpret, and create reports based on your company’s chart of accounts

Key Benefits of ERP Software for Packing and Logistics Companies

When it comes to managing company data, a logistics company cannot do without an ERP system. ERP software helps packing and logistics companies to personalise the system to meet their specific needs. With a well-functioning ERP system, they can cut down on monthly expenses and stay more productive. This article will discuss some of the key benefits of ERP software for packing and logistics companies. Whether you are looking for more information or just want to learn more, read on.

Inventory management

ERP systems for packing and logistics are designed to help you keep track of your inventory. Often, the most effective solutions will let you manage your inventory in multiple locations. This way, you can keep track of the stock levels and optimize your inventory to meet your customer’s orders. The main goal of inventory management is to improve accuracy. However, there are a variety of techniques used, which vary depending on your needs.

Workforce management

When you implement a warehouse management system, you’ll get real-time visibility into your warehouse workforce. Using these systems can help you identify productivity gaps, trends, and more.

FAQ for Packing and Logistics ERP Software

ERP centralizes data. All information required for logistic companies can be accessed from one location, including orders, outbound and inbound sales, delivery, and other details. This allows companies to make future sales predictions and deliver time predictions.

ERP systems simplify logistics management by allowing for efficient stock control and pick/pack improvement. They optimize order management, automate purchase orders and track deliveries as they leave your facility.

  • Improve the workflow
  • Easy project tracking
  • Improve the ROI
  • Reduce technical cost
  • Enhance project management
  • 360-degree report 
  • Easy planning and cost estimation.

We can find software for packing, but the best packing and logistics ERP software in Shaz micro cloud-based ERP system. It offers 40+ modules at an affordable price.

Real Estate & construction ERP Software is specifically tailored for real estate companies. It allows companies to manage their projects and helps in marketing and sales operations by providing one platform where you can do all the things your business needs.

ERP stands for “enterprise resource planning”. It is a software that handles a company’s supply chain, project management, commerce, reporting and much more.

Shaz micro transportation ERP software is one of Dubai’s most used ERP systems. Shaz micro ERP offers different modules in it, and these modules will optimize the better transportation & contracting management of the business.

Shaz micro Transportation ERP software is one of Dubai’s most used ERP systems.  

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to a type of software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations.

Allow users to automate time-consuming daily tasks. Instead of losing time each day completing repetitive needs or running reports from multiple systems,

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is used by organizations looking to manage their business functions within a centralized and integrated system


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