About Shaz Micro ERP

We are a leading business ERP solution provider that helps small & medium business to large enterprises enhance the efficiency of their daily based business processes.

About Us

We are a top ERP provider in Dubai and recognize the importance of productivity and efficiency to enterprises. A solution that automates repetitive tasks for businesses will help them achieve their full potential in the global marketplace. We took this opportunity in 2012 to create a cloud-based solution that automates all aspects of business operations.

With our 40 best solutions, we have served more than 100 clients in fifteen industries. We aren’t stopping there. Each company is unique, and we understand this. Our clients trust us for our ability to create a system that meets their specific requirements. We are motivated to make ERP software available to more industries and offer better solutions. We must continue to grow to make a positive difference wherever we work.

our mission

Our Vision

We envisage, a reputed organization with framework of proficiency & ethical values in a challenging work environment to accomplish in achieving, quality growth & client satisfaction & to serve globally

Our Mission

To be recognized and respected by customers worldwide, as a specialist supplier of LBS infrastructure & application technology Winning customers’ recurring business through a combination of world-class end-to-end solutions, competitive prices, and most agile response to their needs

our mission

Our Value

We envisage, a reputed organization with framework of proficiency & ethical values in a challenging work environment to
accomplish in achieving, quality growth & client
satisfaction & to serve globally


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