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Shaz Micro ERP For Real Estate

SHAZ Micro ERP Is An Enterprise Application Suite To Attain The Maximum Level Of Business Process Automation Of the Real-Estate Industry. The Idea Behind This Product Is To Achieve The Business Objectives And Goals In Systemized Environment, Equipping The Teams With User Friendly Features, Management With Real-Time Monitoring And Control And Reflecting Factual And Transparent Picture Of Business To The Owners. SHAZ Micro ERP Is Designed Based On Best Industry Oriented Practices Learnt & Observed From A Transportation Business In Market And Developed In Latest Technologies.

Industry Based Core System Components

Multi Company, Multi Currency & Multi Lingual Multi Company, Multi Currency & Multi Lingual
Multi Company, Multi Currency & Multi Lingual

A single enterprise solution to manage all business processes being executed in multiple companies , multiple currencies and user interface is designed to be in English and Arabic.

Integrated Finance Integrated Finance
Integrated Finance

An integrated finance module with all possible transactions of all relevant modules makes possible the efficacy of system by reducing the redundant or manual work.

Property & Company Based Profit & Loss Property & Company Based Profit & Loss
Property & Company Based Profit & Loss

The ultimate objective of the system is available on a single click to have the real-time status of each property at any time in any specific tenure.

Modules & Features Modules & Features
Modules & Features
Real-Estate Module Real-Estate Module
Real-Estate Module

o Property Management (Whole and Single Unit)
o Facilities & Utility Meters Management
o Tenant Contract
o Property Leasing
o Property Sales Management
o Drivers Petty Cash Management
o Contract Renewal Calendar

Procurement Management Module Procurement Management Module
Procurement Management Module

o Purchase Requisition
o Suppliers Quotations Comparison and Approvals
o Purchase Orders (Local/International)
o Delivery on Warehouse
o Purchase Invoicing
o Purchase Return & Delivery Notes

Finance Module Finance Module
Finance Module

o Chart of Accounts
o Standard Finance Transactions
o Invoice Wise Payments & Receipts
o Banks & PDC Management
o Bank Reconciliation
o Cash Flow
o Customer Wise Receivables
o Vendor Wise Payable
o Fiscal Year Management with Automated Closing Mechanism

Inventory Management Inventory Management
Inventory Management

o Store Wise Inventory
o Stock Issue to Property
o Stock Return from Property
o Stock Adjustment
o Stock Transfer
o Opening Inventories

VAT Module VAT Module
VAT Module

o VAT Policy Management
o Automated VAT Input & Output Ledgers
o VAT Refundable/Payable Returns

Security & Maintenance Module Security & Maintenance Module
Security & Maintenance Module

o Role Based Users Management
o Transactions & Reports Level Permissions
o Super User Privilege
o Users Activity Log

Reports & Dashboards Reports & Dashboards
Reports & Dashboards

o Customized MIS
o Dashboards for Management
o Transactional. Summarized and Analytical Reports

Accessibility / Interfaces

To meet the enterprise mobility, SHAZ Micro ERP is available in three interfaces with dedicated features of different modules.

Desktop Interface Desktop Interface
Desktop Interface

Most of the modules and features of the system are desktop or windows based to get the high interactivity and efficacy in mass volume of data oriented transactions.

Web Interface Web Interface
Web Interface

Since several business processes are executed out of the office or company’s premises especially from the sites so web interface of SHAZ Micro ERP makes possible to provide this mobile accessibility to the users especially for procurement and HR & Payroll features.

Mobile Application Mobile Application
Mobile Application

To have real-time access to the statistics and approving business transactions through system, mobile application is also available for the higher management. Furthermore, a complete module is available for employees to manage their tasks, requests to the head office and getting real-time access and updates related to their own profiles and payrolls.

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